blue velvet underground

is your name Chimalis*?
only if you wish.
 do you have an accent?
only when i lie.
I take no more nicotics**.
i drink only wine 
 is your name Chimalis?
if you wish.

*american indian name, meaning bluebird.
**nicotics killed Nico. 
Maxi dress and ring by www.babetteversus.com.
Pix by Martyna Wilde



'What was i burning about? Oh, yeah, I remember. So, i'd been burning for quite a while when he arrived. 
I'd been mingling nicely with tinder, when he approached. I started to heat up a bit.  A nice spree en somme. I didn't feel like going out! No, I didn't see his face. I still had so much to burn on. No, his face was blured by the smoke. But i recognized him. Yeah, i did! It was him.'
Flames are speech.
Smoke is a thought you'd love to keep in your mind. 
It always escapes. You can't help it. You let it go
The sunset is a love song, you'd love to whisper sing forever. 
It always fades away. You let it go. 
Smoked dress-babette versus. Straw hat-Fat face.
Analogue pix www.poztytwnefoto.pl.


love is an abysm

Art doll, headpiece, necklace, snorkel and swim fins are by babette versus.
Submarine pix are by www.pozytywnefoto.pl
#2 hours 40 minutes
#love minus zero
#last foxtrot 
#North is my cruise ship
#i loved Viggo and Robert
 #Viggo fell for Robert  #Robert fell into water
#pearls bring luck to the string only
#Skaggerak and Kattegat floating fashion week
#<3 love is an abysm