sombres entités astrales à poil

Caps, dresses, bags and all accessories are made by babette versus. 
Available, only if you desperately fell in love with. You can order by mail.
Dark entities are babette's original monotypes
They were created over twenty years ago in a galaxy far away.


focus on, folks!

Black sleeveless, backless, but hooded maxi dress babette versus. 
Silver bracelets, rings, pendant and woolen mittens also created by babette versus. 
All stuff is made to order.  
Boots Diba.


editor's pick

Night bus
babette & the prowlers 
folk,rockabilly, jazz, blues, alternative yoddling
Newly released under Nextune's Daughter.

On this short album babette assembles a fantastic band around her, the prowlers. Humans with real instruments in their hands. Humans with musical teeth and claws. Emotional turmoil and colorful home-recording techniques seep from thier latest album, the 'Night bus'. If this is truly the past and future of  jazz, blues, rock & folk rolled into one,  then the ticket for the ride is in really good hands. Her hands. With blue varnished nails. 
'Mat would love it, Lee would love it, Mimsy would love it, too. If only those guys knew what true hunger was and how to sing out of tune for soul food' explains babette. 'If my music were something edible, it would be a fried cod on bed of bithumen foam. If my song were something to ride, it would be a red bus stopped at a level crossing.'
Babette's wearing a top, maxi skirt, cap and necklace by babette versus. 
Iwona is pretty well dressed too. 
Pix by Iwona Kucięba. 
Shot at Big Red Bustaurant and Stara Zajezdnia.
Night bus
Side one
1.Stars under my eyelids (3:45)
2.She was a friend of mine (5:00)
3.Dead roses (3:40)
4.Gravitation against the law (2:50)

Side two
5. Not enough (3:09)
6.Moon died in my arms (4:21)
7.Dawn never comes(8:25)

Album soon available in stores. 
In the interim, listen to this  
and this


greylag geese

Nad moją głową płyną dzikie gęsi.
Zataczają koła w powietrzu.
Z każdym okrążeniem układają się
w odmienny wzór na niebie.
Patrzę  w szary kalejdoskop.
Były żywym wężem.
Rozrzuconymi zabawkami.
Wielką literą W, która wypadła z alfabetu do góry nogami.
Koralikami  nanizanymi na nitki babiego lata.
Przędza ta, produkowana jest przez młode pająki.
Maleństwa podróżują  na cienkich nitkach.
Wolne od grawitacji i czasu.
Jak dzikie gęsi.
Teraz, moje gęsi odlatują w kluczu.
Na południe.
Wolne od grawitacji i czasu.
Jak pająki.
Szary kalejdoskop.
Wolny od grawitacji i czasu.


fantasy rough pasture

Cap and Maxi-dress 'rough fantasia' by www.mapaya.pl.
Campus boots by Diba.
The coat as well as the black bomber jacket are vintage.
Hair by  www.tomaszkarcz.com.
Pix by www.pozytywnefoto.pl.


blue velvet underground

is your name Chimalis*?
only if you wish.
 do you have an accent?
only when i lie.
I take no more nicotics**.
i drink only wine 
 is your name Chimalis?
if you wish.

*american indian name, meaning bluebird.
**nicotics killed Nico. 
Maxi dress and ring by www.babetteversus.com.
Pix by Martyna Wilde



'What was i burning about? Oh, yeah, I remember. So, i'd been burning for quite a while when he arrived. 
I'd been mingling nicely with tinder, when he approached. I started to heat up a bit.  A nice spree en somme. I didn't feel like going out! No, I didn't see his face. I still had so much to burn on. No, his face was blured by the smoke. But i recognized him. Yeah, i did! It was him.'
Flames are speech.
Smoke is a thought you'd love to keep in your mind. 
It always escapes. You can't help it. You let it go
The sunset is a love song, you'd love to whisper sing forever. 
It always fades away. You let it go. 
Smoked dress-babette versus. Straw hat-Fat face.
Analogue pix www.poztytwnefoto.pl.