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Night bus
babette & the prowlers 
folk,rockabilly, jazz, blues, alternative yoddling
Newly released under Nextune's Daughter.

On this short album babette assembles a fantastic band around her, the prowlers. Humans with real instruments in their hands. Humans with musical teeth and claws. Emotional turmoil and colorful home-recording techniques seep from thier latest album, the 'Night bus'. If this is truly the past and future of  jazz, blues, rock & folk rolled into one,  then the ticket for the ride is in really good hands. Her hands. With blue varnished nails. 
'Mat would love it, Lee would love it, Mimsy would love it, too. If only those guys knew what true hunger was and how to sing out of tune for soul food' explains babette. 'If my music were something edible, it would be a fried cod on bed of bithumen foam. If my song were something to ride, it would be a red bus stopped at a level crossing.'
Babette's wearing a top, maxi skirt, cap and necklace by babette versus. 
Iwona is pretty well dressed too. 
Pix by Iwona Kucięba. 
Shot at Big Red Bustaurant and Stara Zajezdnia.
Night bus
Side one
1.Stars under my eyelids (3:45)
2.She was a friend of mine (5:00)
3.Dead roses (3:40)
4.Gravitation against the law (2:50)

Side two
5. Not enough (3:09)
6.Moon died in my arms (4:21)
7.Dawn never comes(8:25)

Album soon available in stores. 
In the interim, listen to this  
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