bite the bullet

'damn straight', uttered babette, perplexed. 
'the absence of traces is the best evidence', she explained to the evening breeze.  
'damn... it's a clump of dry grass!... i'm sure it didn't bounce off ! ... it would make a beautiful and well worth the money picture... if i only knew how to daub... je l'ai eue... no?'
sometimes babette's mind was too obscure for words.
she kicked a clump of ocre hay with the tip of her boot, did an almost perfect pirouette, finish in fifth position and went back home.
meanwhile, floating in air, tadita* smiled gently, performed a spectacular grand jeté, transformed herself into a fawn and ran back home.  

photos by  www.pozytywnefoto.pl

tadita is wearing  a spandex unitard, vintage fur coat she inherited alia corporalis from her grandma, a necklace 'sage it again, sweet rosemary' by babette versus and very muddy high heels by newlook. she put a gorgeous choker 'mocha chocolata ya ya' by babette versus on her head!

*Tadita in Omaha language, means " one who runs."
photos by www.pozytywnefoto.pl 
scene from movie 'dead man' 1995 by jim jarmusch